Bob Iger’s keynote

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Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company shares some leadership qualities that he looks for in Disney employees:

  • Curiosity – the energy to discover, explore and learn;
  • Optimist – people don’t want to follow pessimists;
  • Focused – have a plan and can express because communications is important;
  • Fair – allow people to make honest mistakes;
  • Thoughtful – take the time to study the subject to have a point of view, particularly important when you’re leading;
  • Decisiveness – not second guessing and taking to much time to make decision
  • Risk-taker – the ability to take risks and take chances;
  • Perfectionist – don’t take no for an answer;
  • Competitive – keep demanding the best out of people;
  • Integrity – every decision made is from the integrity within you and never sacrificing;
  • Creative genius – let personalities thrive and try not to homogenize or sanitize the culture of the company.

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